Tuesday, October 4, 2011

X-Men Legends 2 - Walkthrough - Act II

Starting A New Game in X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse (for PC) - Walkthrough - Act II

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  • Try to have a character with either a fast ranged attack (e.g., Jean Grey's Telekinesis) or an indirect attack that starts at the target (e.g., Storm's Lightning). This will make it easier to attack Sauron while he's flying around.
  • Once on the ground, you have just a few seconds to pound on him before he stuns everyone and takes to the air again. The stun seems quite unavoidable.

    Mikhail Rasputin
    Another multi-stage boss, and this one quite irritating.
    • Stage 1: Duplicates
      • To take a break, you can go to the edges of the room. Generally this will draw maybe 1 to 3 duplicates. Defeat them and you should be able to take a breather.
    • Stage 2: Force Field
      • To lower the force field around Mikhail, you need to activate consoles on each of the four pads.
        • Mikhail can transform consoles into minions. You need to defeat them to transform them back into a console.
        • You can only activate a console on each pad once, so you need to move around to each console, and defeat a minion while it is on the console. When a minion is eligible to turn into a console you can use, it will have an arrow on its head. If the console that is created is valid, it will have a green arrow on top of it.
        • Mikhail's energy beams fire more quickly when there are fewer force fields. They cannot penetrate objects, so you can hide your active character behind one. They cannot hit fliers, so you can hover over a console and wait for your allies to defeat an enemy on a valid pad and get you a console to use.
        • Teammates mostly automatically leap over console beams, so just focus on keeping your currently controlled character out of trouble.
    • Stage 3: Mikhail Time Slow
      • Once the force fields are down, you enter the final phase of combat. Mikhail can slow time for everyone, whereupon he rushes in to pound on the currently controlled character.
      • Mikhail can transform crates into minions, but only if they are on the screen. If you don't move too far from the initial area, he won't have anything to transform into a minion.

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