Tuesday, October 4, 2011

X-Men Legends 2 - Walkthrough - Act I

Starting A New Game in X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse (for PC) - Walkthrough - Act I

This is one of our X-Men Legends 2 walkthrough / cheats / mods posts. For an index of all X-Men Legends posts, click here.

General Notes
Act I is pretty straightforward. When you are putting together your team, try to have a healer as it lets you fully heal between fights without resorting to potions. You probably won't get any healing abilities until level 14, however.

Combat is fast and furious and prone to traffic jams. The sooner you get area effects or area stun (even for a very short while), the better.

The only tough encounters here are the bosses, as you are still at a low level. We have general tips on bosses in this post -- scroll down to General Hints.

Because you have teleporters on your team (Nightcrawler; and once you have finished the game, you can unlock Deadpool) some very few locations will require a teleporter. There is one such location where a door cannot be opened but you can teleport into the room to destroy two controls to lower force fields.

The final encounter here is against Abyss. He has a whirlwind power you cannot defend against and knocks you down at the end, but it isn't really dangerous except that he usually gets a free melee hit against you afterwards. His melee attacks are very long range and do a lot of knockback, although this can result in pushing you out of the way and then you can quite safely use ranged attacks. Keep your distance and use Call Allies to get your teammates to attack him with powers instead.

When he flees, you can take your time clearing the room of containers before following him to the dirigibles. Once there you have a full minute and can spend some of it smashing the many densely packed crates for goodies.

On the dirigible, you need to grab the bombs he throws and throw them back at his dirigible. If you try to leap or fly across, you will be dragged down between the space between the ships and be instantly KO'ed. If you hit anyone else, it will explode and harm you but may not harm your dirigible.

When Abyss's ship has been destroyed, Abyss will hop over. Leave him for your teammates and instead keep your distance and focus on the soldiers and collecting health potions for your teammates. If you get too close to him, he'll just knock you down, giving the soldiers free hits against you. At this point you can either take a strong melee character or a character with area effect powers to clear the soldiers quickly. This is the final tough encounter against Abyss. Once defeated here, he sucks the team into an extra-dimensional space.

Once inside him in the extra-dimensional space, take out the flying creatures then activate the four bombs. Nothing tricky here.

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