Friday, June 1, 2012

STEAM is Stupid

Sometimes you really have to wonder about the great disconnect between programmers and users. That, or companies really need to get better focus groups.

Now that I'm in the last stages of Fallout 3, I ordered Fallout: New Vegas (plus all the DLCs, of course) from Amazon. It came in the mail recently and I installed it.

First thing that happened was Steam installing itself. That took long enough, but then... nothing. WTF? Where's my game, dude?

After signing up on Steam (did I really need to do that?), I had to poke around a bit to figure out that I needed to select the game I bought. Even though my game came on a DVD.

Then the stupid thing hung on me.

2012-May-30 steam keeps hanging
Restarted, and finally it starts downloading. 9 GB of data. No estimated time because it STOPPED at 1.5 M for the longest time. Eventually it resumed.

2012-May-30 steam not downloading
While it was downloading, I looked through the DVD. Lo! There was Fallout: New Vegas, just sitting on the DVD. Couldn't Steam have just downloaded a patch? There was a "Play" button that wasn't greyed out. Maybe it's already installed? I clicked on the button. There was a message about starting the game. But it got stuck, because obviously it hadn't finished downloading. Why is the button even available to click on when the installation isn't complete?

I had to Google an answer on how to install FNV without Steam. First answer that came up was a Youtube on where to get a pirated copy via Torrent. Honestly, given all the runaround from Steam, that was probably the best and most convenient answer.
Ever notice how pirates who put up Torrents make things soooo easy to install, but it takes longer with an official copy? Finally, after some scrounging around, I found this on the Steam website:

install from disc instead of Steam

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