Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Game Review - Hodgepodge Hollow

Game Review - Hodgepodge Hollow
Score +2/-3


Hodgepodge Hollow is primarily a hidden object game, with a few puzzles in between. However, the main action is searching for hidden objects and following potion recipes.

The overall feel of the fantasy artwork in Hodgepodge Hollow is that of a child's fairy tale book, with harmless-looking characters. Even dragons are adorable looking. The gameplay is quite simple, and these two factors combined suggests a game for a very young child. BUT -- Parents should definitely play it first and pay attention to the tasks you perform.
  • For example, you need "Eye of Newt" in the "Bright Idea" recipe, and to collect Eye of Newt, there is a hidden object scene where you look for 3-eyed newts. The implication, however, is that you go about grabbing defenceless animals and gouging out their eyes. Hopefully, your child won't try it in real life.
  • Another ingredient is "Forget-Me-Not Tears". In the game, these are not just flowers, but fairy flowers with faces, etc... The recipe reads, "To make a Forget-Me-Not cry, hold her over a steaming cauldron". This more or less translates to torture.
+- Childish fantasy artwork. You may or may not like this style.
+- Gameplay is fairly easy. Depending on whether you want a relaxed game or not, this may or may not be a drawback.
- The similarity of the tasks wears thin quickly, especially the potion crafting, which is basically tedious and boring.

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