Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oblivion Mod Review - Wells of Cyrodiil

Mod Review - Wells of Cyrodiil - Cities
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Overall: Interesting idea for an otherwise overlooked aspect of the game. Horrible execution.

Why You Would Download This: Uber items for comparatively negligible risk.

If this mod were done better, it would have made an excellent addition to Oblivion, on par with Let The People Drink, which truly adds something to the atmosphere of the game. Instead, the guts of this mod are really badly thought out. For example, you have highly implausible "wells", like the one in Leyawiin, which was, literally, someone's basement. And the one in the Imperial City Bastion/Prison, which look like a partially flooded cell block that has actively used living space (furniture, tables with food, etcetera).

Also, for very little risk (except for a tricky encounter in the first mission in Anvil), you start getting some really uber items. Some missions are no more than no-risk "Fedex" quests where you go to the well and pick up something. An example of an item you can get in the later missions:

Shield of Wells (heavy armor) - Armor Rating 20, Armor Health 2000, Weight 5, Reflect Spell 20%, Reflect Damage 20%, Resist Normal Damage 20%, Feather 100, Shield 20%.

You might possibly play through this mod for the novelty of short episodes of underwater adventuring, but otherwise, it's a badly thought out series of Fedex quests with uber rewards. If you want the godly magic items, using ToggleGodMode is easier.

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